Wunderlist for Android
Credits: Timothy Achumba, Thomas Bogner, Julius Schaper, Zander Brade, Benedikt Lehnert, Joakim Keussen (Co-design). Antonio Consuegra, Jose Ugia, Hannes Orgis (Development).

I led the visual redesign of Wunderlist for Android. The goal was to align the visual style of our Android application to that of the iOS platform and bring coherence to our mobile experience. I worked closely with the WL designers to create a style that blended the unique branding of WL with the recently released (at the time) Google Material guidelines. I also worked tightly with our Developers to bring these designs to life. 


This project also pushed me to learn the basics of XML and Android Studio so I could implement and refine my changes without the expense of engineering resources. One of my favourite projects, it taught me the fundamentals of visual design and it started my obsession with pixel-perfect interfaces.


I also executed on a multitude of smaller features for our Android app, including the Quick Add feature—allowing users to add To-do's to any list without from the Home (default) view in the app—a visual refresh of the home screen Widget, and a new UX for our list-creation flow.

Outlook Integration
Credits: Benedikt Lehnert (Co-design), Dominic Petrick (Development).

After being acquired by Microsoft I worked to integrate Wunderlist into the Outlook Web App through their “Add in”extensions, giving users access to relevant Wunderlist actions from within the context of Outlook.


In the compose pane we built an extension that allowed users to embed a list into their email. Anyone with access to the list could then join and start contribute to it. This was a first for Wunderlist—previously it was only possible to share to individuals—and it solved the problem of a slow and tedious sharing experience for larger teams and organisations. 


In the reading pane we built an extension that used natural language processing to parse email content into an actionable To-Do. Alongside the regular "Add to Wunderlist" extension which allowed users to preview the task before creating it (shown below), we also added a "Quick Add" extension which created the task in the background with just a tap of a button.

Docs.com Integration
Credits: Adam Schroder (Development), Zander Brade (Co-design), Yasuhiko Mori (PM).

Docs.com was a platform where users can discover, upload and share Microsoft Office documents. I worked on integrating Wunderlist with Docs.com so users could publish their curated lists to online for all to see. I designed the publishing flow from within the Wunderlist client's, while also defining how Wunderlist's were visually represented on docs.com.

I worked closely with the Docs.com team to define the visuals for lists on the platform. We used the unique Wunderlist iconography and colour to infuse some of the Wunderlist branding into the view, but adapted the typeface and chrome to make the page feel cohesive with the larger Docs.com platform. I also conceptualised a new homepage for the site, focusing on curated imagery and content from more recognisable brands.